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From paving a driveway or sidewalk, to roads, lots and more - The team here at Mike Floyd Paving Inc. has the experience, equipment, and skills you want in a professional asphalt and paving service. We have years of experience in the industry, a great reputation with our clients, and we know the importance of time and money. If you're in need of professional paving services for any project - large or small - then contact our team of trained asphalt specialists here at Mike Floyd Paving. We can get your project completed efficiently, and affordably! Don't wait to get started. Contact us today!

What We do


Asphalt is a mix of tar, sand, and gravel. It creates a durable, beautiful driveway if installed and maintained properly. You need a stable base, grade for draining, temperature, compaction and the speed of good installation all play a major role. Make sure you hire the experienced team at Mike Floyd Paving INC. No amount of maintenance can fix a poorly installed driveway or lot! Hire professionals for every job.


The elements can erode the tar of your driveway, lot, or road. Over an extended time, the wear and tear can weaken your driveway and pavement. Oil, Gas, Diesel and more can break-down the tar in your asphalt quickly, causing severe damage. Sealer provides a good protection from natural elements, gas and oil spills, and other problems. This will extend the life and enhance the appearance of your asphalt!


Making necessary repairs and maintenance to your driveway, lot, or road can be simple and cost effective. We being with an inspection by our team of specialists at Mike Floyd Paving INC. By diagnosing the existing problems, we can give the proper solutions. When you need an asphalt repair, don't wait! We can make necessary repairs fast, efficient, and provide lasting relief from the problems you have. If you need asphalt repairs and patching, Call us today!


  • Land clearing
  • Demolition
  • Storm drains
  • Utilities
  • Erosion control
  • Curb and gutter
  • Holding ponds
  • Paving
  • Asphalt stripping
  • Hydroseeding
  • Signage
  • Roll off container rental (dumpsters 20yd , 30yd, and 40yd)


  • Topsoil, sand clay, masonry sand


  • Limerock, granite, rip rap, crushed concrete and more)

We also sale driveway culverts, stop blocks, hay bales, and silt fence.